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Lège Cap Ferret Nature


Find an exceptional environment on the peninsula of Lege Cap Ferret . Arcachon Bay awaits you, on foot, by bike or by boat. Discover the famous cabanes tchanquées , Bird Island, the Banc d'Arguin and the Pyla dune. Also discover inner nature like salt marshes, the ornithological park of Teich and the Leyre's valley. The peninsula of Lège-Cap Ferret is a commune comprising eleven villages that stretch out over 25 km! 
You’re going to be amazed: there are so many beautiful things to see! 


Make it up the 258 steps and, from a height of 57 metres, you will have an unbeatable panoramic view spanning from the tip of Ferret to the Dune of Pilat. 
The lighthouse will also bring you back down to earth when you learn its full story. 


In the middle of Arcachon Bay, a series of beautiful wooden cabins stand proudly on their stilts.
If you take a boat out at high tide, you can get a closer view of them.


Head for the beautiful Banc d’Arguin National Park, one of the natural wonders of Arcachon Bay! 
Bring a picnic and a towel and make a day of it on this spectacular sandbank!


Île aux oiseaux, at the total mercy of the tides, is brimming with wild birds and hidden treasures.


Located on the edge of the Landes forest and at the entrance to Arcachon Bay, the Dune of Pilat is the tallest dune in Europe (standing at a height of 110 metres).
It is one of the most frequently visited natural sites in France.

The village of Herbes

L'Herbe is one of the eleven villages that make up the municipality of Lège-Cap-Ferret, located on the east side of the peninsula of Cap-Ferret. The nearest parking is on the Boulevard de la Plage, and access to the village only on foot, the passage of vehicles being restricted to residents only.
What strikes when we approach the village, these are these colors. Each house has different shades, there is no rule in the matter, and for good reason: it is said that for a long time, we use the funds of paint pots that serve to paint the boats on the shutters .


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